We have pricing models as per your needs and the market you operate within We can charge you on Cost per acquisition (CPA), Cost per install (CPI), Cost per lead (CPL), cost per engagement (CPE) cost per sale (CPS) or Pay per click (PPC) as per your industry needs. 
We are an agency that has a lot of experience and expertise running online campaigns that fetch results. We generate a quality customer base through our exclusive affiliate channels on native, mobile, social, email, SMS and search placements. Our core operating models are client collaboration, Technology and results that we can bring for our clients.

  • Our industry veteran account managers are here to provide you industry insights and best practices that will take your digital advertising to the next level. Starting with campaign strategizing and set-up, Telovice emphasizes the critical nature of a solid foundation and competitive analysis to understand your business’s short and long-term goals.

  • We use the Martech stack that we use to acquire an audience, study trends, analyse the market and analyse the performance of our advertising capabilities. We have had success with the largest of brands to the hottest silicon valley start-ups. Domains such as lifestyle and fashion, finance, health and beauty and entertainment are highly dynamic market segments that need constant monitoring and analysis. Our tools are built for the needs of such a dynamic market segment.

  • We know which strategy will work given the current market trends and which won’t. That’s just experience. We know which customer even if made aware of your brand won’t go any further down the funnel and which will. Every penny spent will get you some result. That’s our mantra of fetching high ROI for our clients.

  • Publishers rejoice! Our proprietary fraud-fighting Softwares work constantly behind the scenes to mitigate fraud in our performance marketing ecosystem. We thereby ensure maximum brand exposure with minimum revenue loss due to frauds. We even cross-check manually after our AI-based measures to mitigate fraud. 




We are in here for the long haul and that shows in our work our commitment and our ethics. We have earned trust from our partners not by merely existing in the industry but by mutually benefiting from the affiliate partnerships. Trust in our network is the most important asset we have had in the past decade. It is in fact the only currency we use to work with our clients, exchange of trust.

  • For years we have had people in our organization who think only about our clients. They even fight to protect the interest of our clients. We call them client agents. The industry calls them account managers.

  • Telovice emphasizes the critical nature of a solid foundation and competitive analysis to understand your business’s short and long-term goals.

  • When we pair our account managers with our experts and add technology to the combination, we get market insights and strategies that take your affiliate marketing to the next level.


Our martech stack tools combined with our AI capabilities and anti-fraud tools makes our network one of the most reliable affiliate networks of all. We gather market intelligence, make strategies and find customers using our technological capabilities. Our technical capabilities developed by our teams in Bosnia supports client self-service capabilities and account management.

  • Our whole affiliate network is only efficient because of our technical capabilities. The built-in AI systems in the ecosystem makes it even more efficient and revenue saving

  • AI is just the first line of optimization in the ecosystem. Then comes above are our manual optimization techniques that further optimize the AI to perform better at its task.

  • Our core competency is in targeting that is being able to segment traffic by traffic channels, device type and day of the week. We assign score values to the traffic captured. The score values are then used to gauge lead. We only call it a qualified lead if it scores high.

  • We support our partners in many ways one of the support we offer is a flexible payment solution because cash flow in your business is your most important consideration. We support your cash flow by offering you flexible payment terms.


We work 24×7 to ensure quality and compliance within our network. We use AI tools and manual procedures to ensure compliance and keep our network fraud-free. Keep your trust in us intact and your ROI maximized.

  • We ensure compliance by auditing and proactively reviewing affiliate partner’s

  • We deep dive data and analyze suspicious or fraudulent traffic activities with our machine learning tools and also cross-check with manual activations.

  • Prior to payment exchange, we review the affiliate partners in question within our network. This ensures a fraud-safe ecosystem.


We are an affiliate marketing network that expertise in distributing and promoting globally. We work with CPA, CPC, CPL or CPI models. We promote campaigns to make waves among the customers of your business. 

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